Setting the Stage and Curb Appeal

 Home sale competition is fierce in the current market. Prices are low and buyer incentives are high. One ideal way to give your home the fighting edge is to make it look as welcoming as possible. Home staging and curb appeal are two techniques that help you do this.

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Curb appeal draws your potential buyer from the street to your front door. Areas include landscaping, entryway and driveway. Pay attention to existing flower beds and planters. They should be clean and well kept. Lawn should be neatly trimmed. Driveway should be in good condition and uncluttered. The exterior lights of a home should be in working condition and offer a well-lit path to the entryway. Simple wreaths or fresh planters at the front door are always equal to a “Please come in” sign. Even the mailbox should not be neglected. All exterior aspects of your home should be as clean and inviting as possible.


 Staging and curb appeal are easily addressed and offer a nice return on investment for a home new to the market. These techniques give a welcoming impression and convey a message that the home has been well cared for by the current owners. Your realtor is an excellent resource for tips on what is most important to address when staging a home and creating curb appeal.

Home staging is the act of preparing a home for sale with a special emphasis on presentation and appearance. It is not the same as making repairs, which is important. But, the focus is more aesthetic in nature.


Staging typically occurs from the inside. The first step is to remove all personalization. Removing family pictures and creating a neutral atmosphere allows a buyer to more easily picture themselves in your home. De-cluttering is also a must. Clutter is distracting to your home’s overall appeal. Simple touches such as fresh flowers and fruit in the kitchen and coordinated accessories in the bathroom give your home warmth. Touches such as these will take your potential buyer's reaction from “okay” to “wow.” The ultimate goal is to move your home quickly at the highest possible price. To do so, it must give an excellent first impression.