Protect Yourself and Your Home with a Home Warranty

home protected by umbrellaIf you’re making your move and buying a home this spring, you need to protect the home, like any major investment, with a warranty. A home warranty typically assumes responsibility for the repair or replacement of covered mechanical components in your home that fail due to normal wear and tear. Warranties ensure the working parts of a home will function as they were designed to function. In addition, home warranties also give you peace of mind. 

Repairs that are covered depend upon each individual home warranty and any extra coverage you elect to add. Typical items covered can include a home’s heating, plumbing and electrical systems, central air conditioning, duct work, hot water heater, sump pump, garbage disposal, dishwasher, trash compactor, built-in microwaves, range, oven and cook-top stove.

Warranty contracts are usually offered for one year, and most plans are renewable annually. Warranties can range from $385 to $450, and extra coverage for items like pools and spas can be purchased separately.