Interviewing a Listing Agent

RPM believes that it is important to thoroughly evaluate the professionals that you will be working with during your relocation. The more informed you are about the people you are working with, the more comfortable you will be during your transfer.

Identity Theft and Relocation


In the current technological age, identity theft is prevalent. Savvy criminals have several avenues to obtain your personal information.

What can I expect during the Home Purchase Process?

Staff at RPM encounters questions like this all the time. Much of the home purchase process is dependent upon the individual purchaser, seller, mortgage lender as well as others involved.

In an effort to provide our transferees with important information relevant to the home purchase process, we are spotlighting a series of three videos created by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. These videos walk you through various steps in the home purchase process and explain many of the terms and documentation that a buyer will encounter.

Setting the Stage and Curb Appeal

 Home sale competition is fierce in the current market. Prices are low and buyer incentives are high. One ideal way to give your home the fighting edge is to make it look as welcoming as possible.

Moving "Tips"

moving van

Home Loan Factors

~Debt-to-income Ratio ~

Christmas is early

For Two Hearts Pregnancy Care Center in Greenup County, KY, that is. In an collaborative effort, RPM LLC helped to gather an extensive amount of donations for the center.

Two Hearts provides:

Protect Yourself and Your Home with a Home Warranty

home protected by umbrellaIf you’re making your move and buying a home this spring, you need to protect the home, like any major investment, with a warranty. A home warranty typically assumes responsibility for the repair or replacement of covered mechanical components in your home that fail due to normal wear and tear.

Moving Your Most Precious Cargo

Have you ever been the new kid? If not, you may have never known what it is like to walk into a room of 30 or more unfamiliar places and try to concentrate on learning and fitting in all at the same time.  Most often, adults involved in a relocation understand what needs to be accomplished and have a general idea of how to approach these tasks. However, children often have very little knowledge about moving. Especially during a first move a child may be apprehensive, inquisitive, and anxious or even become withdrawn.